Rana Nasim Ahmed

Rana Nasim Ahmed is the main sponsor of Harappa Solar (Private) Limited. He has served as the Chief Operating Officer / Resident Director of JDW Sugar Mills Limited since 2001. He has helped transform JDW over this period from a single sugar mill with 7,000 tonnes crushed per day (“TCD”) capacity to one of the largest and most progressive sugar sector groups in Pakistan. JDW today comprises four sugar mills with combined cushing capacity of 70,000 TCD, mechanized sugarcane farms spanning 20,000 acres and biomass power plants with total capacity of 125 MW. Mr. Ahmed is also one of JDW’s major shareholders.

Windforce (Private) Limited

Windforce (www.windforce.lk), a leading Sri Lankan power generation company, is co-investing in Harappa Solar and other planned renewable energy projects in Pakistan. This is the first ever investment by a Sri Lankan company in the Pakistani power sector. Windforce directly owns and operates a portfolio of 77 MW wind projects in Sri Lanka and another 12 MW in small hydro through an affiliate company. The shareholders of Windforce include several prominent business conglomerates of Sri Lanka with interests in tea export, textiles, leisure, information technology, packaging, etc.


The sponsors are exploring options for minority equity participation as well as quasi-equity and mezzanine debt with individual and institutional investors who have expressed interest in Harappa Solar.